About us

Korona M Ltd. specializes in the production, packaging and distribution of raw or roasted nuts, seeds, dried fruits, popcorn for the microwave, popcorn ready for direct consumption, pellets (figures of potato or corn flour), caramelized products, chocolate dragees. Production of all types of bars (caramel, protein, raw and muesli).

The company was founded in 1993. with main activity processing and sale of nuts. The continuous introduction of improvements over the years, the pursuit of meeting the high demands of the market, as well as investments in modern technological equipment contribute to increasing the production capacity of the Crown M and expanding the product range. Thanks to this, today we offer our customers and trading partners over 200 items.

Despite the large production capacity, the company remains flexible in developing new products and successfully follows market trends.

It is safe to say that in terms of quality and taste the products of Korona M Ltd. occupy one of the leading positions in the country and abroad.


  • To offer a portfolio of delicious and healthy products, in which we put the best and quality ingredients, delivered from all over the world.
  • To work together with our customers by sharing with them our knowledge and many years of experience in production.
  • We are constantly developing and expanding our assortment to satisfy every taste and the high demands of our customers.
  • To ensure that our customers business is in safe hands.
  • To earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of consumers, both to our brands and to the brands that our customers and partners have entrusted to us.
  • Working with partners from over 40 countries worldwide, we aim to deliver the freshest and highest quality products possible to anywhere in the world.


  • Our crѐdo is to satisfied our clients needs
  • No matter how many new products and flavors we offer, rest assured that you will continue to receive the best from us.
  • Always up to date with the latest trends and demands of the market and at the same time we preserve the traditions of good taste.
  • Every single customer is important to us. Therefore, we approach individually, offering flexible solutions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


  • Innovation, flexibility and customer care
  • Uncompromising quality at affordable prices
  • Achieving maximum customer and end user satisfaction
  • Reliability and safety – WE are responsible for your business

Our Brands