Protein Bars

Do you need a daily dose of energy? We at KORONA M offer you premium protein bars, made according to a special recipe to get a truly excellent product. Whether you exercise regularly or your work is exhausting and you have no time for breakfast – these bars are just for you. Get a snack with excellent taste characteristics and raw materials of proven origin. Check out our selection of premium bars with an amazing 40% protein.

Protein bars – great taste for everyone

Salted caramel or tiramisu? Chocolate with peanut butter, cookies and cream or double chocolate? You decide. And we guarantee that every one of them is perfect, because we have carefully selected the products and crafted recipes with an unbeatable balance between healthy and delicious. These are the superb protein bars – an unbeatable source of much-needed protein and a very low carbohydrate content. So you get your daily dose of explosive energy with so few calories.

Snack in the bag

Tiny bars fit in every pocket and every bag and will be waiting for you whenever you feel the need for something sweet, something nutritious, something useful. And for athletes – a must to build muscle mass safely, protecting muscle tissues.

Why choose our protein bars?

We will not convince you of the great features of our protein bars. But let’s point out that every cell in the body contains proteins – these are the essential building blocks of living matter. That is why it is so necessary for a person to take in a satisfactory amount of proteins every day – they are important for general health. Apart from helping to build muscle mass, they assist in the production of vital hormones, strengthen nails and hair, and promote their growth. Overall – they support the immune system.

Something healthy in a busy weekday

Our daily schedule does not always allow us to take care of each of our important meals. And breakfast is one of those we should not skip. That is why protein bars are a truly indispensable option – no pre-processing, no cooking at home, no waiting until the lunch break. Grab them now!

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