We offer to produce your product in your factory with our equipment. We possess modern technology with high capacity, giving us the ability to produce in big quantities. You just must provide us with your recipe and other information about the product. This can include caramel bars, protein bar and others.

If you would like to get advantage of Outsourcing as a business strategy, we will be grateful to be your trustworthy partner. We believe that more and more people are turning their attention to a healthier lifestyle and the good diet, that for the idea of producing these kind of products sounds profitable for both sides. We are waiting for your questions and offers!

Private label

Thanks to our facilities, we have everything needed to bring a totally new product on the market, starting from just an idea. We offer to you Private Labeling as a business strategy. Our products are well thought of, created with care and ambition. You just provide us with your own package and brand, and we will be ready to produce your brand with our products, completing all the previous steps for you, leaving you only with selling it to the retailers.

We can produce in big quantities everything you see offered by us and we believe that we can be your most trustworthy and useful producer. Please, do not hesitate to contact us in this matter!


In case you don’t possess the equipment needed to package your products, we can offer to you our ability to do it. Send to us your products, packages and boxes and we will be more than ready to do the rest for you. We work with a modern technology, a good precision, and a good organization. We believe in bringing everything right on time, without any delay or defects.

Contacts us if you would like to increase your profits and have a very good business partner!

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